Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 rules that recruiters to adhere while recruiting top talents

In my previous assignments with IT product development and IT services companies, I always felt that we need to learn from our seniors and other industry experts in dealing with senior talent acquisition for the organisation. I learnt the following simple rules from Industry experts in one of the forum which was quite useful in my later dealings. Lets see the 10 rules that will help any recruiter to attract the top talents for his/ her organization. 

1.  Communication : I always , emphasize on crisp and sweet communication while talking and communicating to any senior or junior talents for that matter. A well  prepared communication is half done. So a crisp and sweet communication will make it all for you . Whether it is verbal or physical presentation , it matters a lot. A confident smile always pays a dividend. Maintain this crispness, sweetness along with responsiveness in communication through out the hiring process.
2. Attitude + Aptitude does it all : Look for some one who has the right attitude and aptitude rather than the specific skills for that position . Skills can be taught , learnt and mastered over period of time. 
3. Proactive approach : Whether there is an opening in your company or not , keep in touch with the top talents in the industry or the target candidates by way of sending news letters , occasional greetings or even connect to them using social media. This proactive approach will always help you get in touch with these candidates any time at your will. 
4. Are you humorous ? : A little bit of humour is always welcome during the interviewing process. It always starts with a confident handshake and a confident smile . If your candidate is too rigid , I don't recommend to hire him . 
5. Be the SPOC : From the initial day of your contact till the final day interview , I expect the recruiter should be the single point of contact ( SPOC ) . This builds communication easy and can enhance the recruiter's rapport with the candidate. 
6. Professional approach : Attending to every query professionally and genuinely addressing the concerns of the candidate will help them take quick decisions . If you cannot handle any of the queries, escalate it to your immediate manager to handle the same. The rule is don't over sell or under sell . 
7. Win-Win approach : A Win - Win approach is more efficient than any other approaches. Attracting and hiring a top talent for your company will require this approach and you will see the results in the end. 
8. Look for references : A well crafted and designed reference check mechanism will help you during the decison making process in the recruitment cycle. Have some one in the team to pick up information about the candidate either from the Internet resources or from Industry contacts. This helps a lot. 
9. Know your HR policies & your company : Be aware of your HR policies , Information and updates about your company and much more about the position too. Many surprising questions will come from the candidates side , you should be prepared to answer. 
10 . Focus on behavioral aspect during interview : Ask situational questions and listen patiently for answers . How did the candidate react to the situation. Never , look for some one who is very hard to crack , habitual arguer ,  one who talks everything in one sentence. Some one who is very restless. Some one who is very desperate . It is also very important to see , if the candidate is highly potential , potential or under potential. Never hire some one who is very highly potential. It would be very difficult to retain him . 

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