Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 Questions that a recruiter should ask before starting to source profile

As a smart recruiter, you need to understand what it takes to source the right type of profile for the said position. Without you knowing the answers for the following questions, you cannot go ahead with your sourcing strategy. Lets see what are those top questions that you need to ask your manager or the line manager before you source profile for a Technical open position..

Q1. What is the Job Title or Designation for which the position is open ?
Q2. What is the relevant years of experience required  ?
Q3. What are the Technologies on which the candidate should have worked? Desired & Must have technologies
Q4. Is the position, domain specific or not ? If yes, what is the relevant years of experience?
Q5. Is it a permanent hire or contractual ?
Q6. What is the desired and Must have qualification ?
Q7.What would be the role and responsibilities of this candidate? Position summary.
Q8.Does this position needs frequent overseas / domestic travel or not ?
Q9. What is the job location ? Internal or client's location ?
Q10.Are outstation candidates eligible to apply for the job ?
Q11. What are the target companies to source profile ?
Q12. Ask for the budget allocation , I mean the CTC range . If you get this information its great. If not , you may have to waste little bit of your time during the interview process.
Q13. You should know the reporting manager's name and to which project this position will be assigned.
Q14. Get clarified regarding the gender ( male or female) suitable to carry out the assigned task.
Q15. Finally, ask if the hiring manager / line manager has any one in his mind and wants to refer for this position. ( This is the simplest way to hire some one for His / Her Team) !!! :)

Normally, many of the above questions will be addressed in the given Job description format . But , the recruiter needs to be proactive in knowing other information which are not contained in the Job Description.

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