Saturday, August 7, 2010

15 things that you should do once you are laid off

Although the recession is over, there are some companies who lay off their valuable employees without able to really realize the potential of the individual. Ok, let me tell you some of the ways that you can keep yourself busy and without any desperation you can find your next job.

1. Never feel dejected or rejected after loosing your job. It is a God sent gift for you to improve upon , introspect and move ahead in life.
2. Get complete with your past work environment, boss(s) , situation that brought you to this state and all those who were responsible for the present state. Getting completed means , not to have the past experiences hovering  in your mind . This creates lot of tension and stress. Instead of brooding over the past , start sowing the seeds now for your future.
3. Identify those skills required for you to move ahead and see if you can learn by yourself or take up a training curriculam to help you.
4. Be part of like minded positive people , who can help you to guide and keep you busy with positivity.
5. Start affirming positively that you are divinely guided and will be in the right place by the date you have in your mind.
6. Activate your updated profile in the job portals , Groups and social media networks .
7. Go back to your old buddy list or contacts and take their support in forwarding your profile to their respective employers. ( who knows anything will work).
8. Start preparing for your job interviews , start looking confident , presentable and always have a bright smile on your face. Never ever show your desperation to the interviewer that you are desperate to take up a job.
9. If you wish , you should look at learning new skills like learning foreign languages , Car driving , Cooking and many more which you feel , you need to learn and kept it on hold as you did not have time to take it up.
10. Learn and practice de-stressing techniques like Pranayam , Kriya and Meditation. This is the time you really require so that you can come out of your depression very easily.
11. Every day , make it a point to wake up early in the morning and write in your diary the TO DO LIST , this will keep you focussed and you will start realizing and feeling that you have so much to do .
12. Convert all your new ideas into business plans and see if you can really bring them to a logical end. Who knows , you may become the Tata or Brila . " Necessity is the mother of all inventions".
13. Read motivational books and watch movies that will keep you stress free. I have some collection of good books and movies that I keep watching them.
14. You can strengthen your presence in Social media websites like Likedin , Twitter , Face Book , Myspace, Youtube etc.
15. Finally, remember every second , this is your spiritual journey for your own growth and improvement.

When you start feeling good , things will start working for you . You may ask how ? Yes just try it . Sit peacefully in a room and close your eyes. Start recalling all that good events happened in your life. Feel the sensation in your body. You will start experiencing an unique feeling and you will enjoy this moment. Stay with this experience. Continue several times. This way you are keeping yourself protected from disempowering thoughts. Do this continously and suddenly you see that your attitude is becoming postive and you attract only those good things in life.

So the mantra for success is Attitude + Action = Success 

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