Wednesday, August 4, 2010

22 Ways To Hire Your Most Wanted Resources

1.Through JOB BOARD– EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION PROGRAMME ( currently you are watching this Board)
2. Ads in newspapers – We will be posting joint advertisements featuring Organizations of all our members on rotational basis.
3. Job Fairs – Members would be called to attend job fairs organized by us in different parts of the country.
4. Billboards or “we’re hiring” banners across the nation.
5. College hires at on-campus career events – We will be going for campus hiring.
6. “Walk in” at physical locations- We will be organizing walk-ins for different Organization at multiple locations of India

7. Corporate career sites – We will post our hiring ads on various corporate sites.
8. Employment branding of your Organization. – We will be branding your Organization through different tools.
9. Organizational records. We will be sharing available records of various Inter, Degree, Technical and Professional Colleges, groups with our members.
10. Mentor recruiting. With this method, we will seek out top performers and ask whether they have mentored others at your targeted firms. We will then use the mentor relationship to recruit the “mentees.” and vice versa.
11. Technical contests. We will conduct skills and problem-solving contests, generally online to attract and identify those with the best solutions.
12. Scholarship awards. We will indentify top prospects based on their scholarship applications.
13. Professional association lists. We will go through these lists to identify potential candidates based on where they work and their seniority in the field.
14. Google search. Using this approach, we will find individuals actively doing various productive activities.
15. Parallel Hires. We will target the best employees working at competitors based on their ability to bring a targeted skill to your firm.
16. Name generation firms. We will pay researchers at vendor firms to identify the names of target candidates based on titles and firms they work at.
17. Boomerangs. Using this approach, we will proactively seek out top former employees in an effort to get them to return to your firm.
18. Event recruiting. We will send our employees to identify right candidates at seminars and professional events.
19. Benchmark recruiting. We will find the best people while researching best practices at competitor firms.
20. “Magnet” strategy. We will identify the Leaders or Performers in order to attract other top people, even in other job families. (Hire Sachin Tendulkar and the rest will come…)
21. Referrals. We will proactively ask top employees, former employees, and friends of the firm to find and refer others like themselves.
22. Most wanted lists. We will ask senior managers to identify the best in the industry.

Compiled by Rahul Sinha --->

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