Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are you fired ?

It is very difficult to digest the fact that one is fired or when we hear some one is fired in an organisation. Some times Bosses behave more than a politician. What ever said and done , you to be aware of basic facts on Termination.

When you realize that you are to be fired , don't get panic . Plan your exit in a decent way as you are sure that the PINK slip is inevitable. Assuming that you had a very reasonable decent stay with your employer, sit with your immediate boss and discuss if the decision can be reconsidered. If the answer is NO , you can request the management to give you sufficient notice so that you can find your new job.
You can also request them to provide you "Unemployment benefits". In some countries, the rules are tough and the laid off employee gets 4 - 6 months financial support from the employer. In the Indian context , you need to be well informed and should know to negotiate with the employer. Once the decision to lay off is finalized, you can do the following actions :
1. Sit with the finance team and understand your pending dues from the company and from your side if any.
2. Read for yourself the employment contract once again for your knowledge and see if both the parties have acknowledged the terms of contract.
3. Make sure that the group health insurance is continued till such time you join another company and get another sponsorship. But you are responsible to pay the health insurance premium once you leave the organization.
4.Collect a copy of No Dues certificate from the employer , relieving letter and experience letter. If possible you can collect the Reference Letter from the employer which will help you in finding the next job.

What you can do after you et fired ??? ........... Please read my next post !!!! :)

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