Saturday, August 7, 2010

Graphology as screening tool in Recruitment

For many this word " Graphology " might not be familiar.

It is the art and science of analyzing human character through the study of graphic movement , such as hand writing , drawings etc to gain insights into the mental , physical and emotional states of the writer.
It is a science formerly, researched in the 17th century and has its reference in Greek and Roman times. Today , Graphology is used in countries like USA, France, UK , Germany , Latin America and Israel. . It is an untapped area as far as India is concerned . Nearly 80% of the corporate in France use Graphology for screening of job applications.
By analyzing the handwriting of a candidate we can understand the following traits :
1. Intellectual Traits
2. Reliability
3. Temperaments
4.Interpersonal and Communication skills
6.Ego & Motivation

So, I can say that Graphology has its application in Recruitment, Performance Management, Personality Profiling and Counseling.
Its so happened ,I happened to see the handwriting sample of few job applicants for a certain post in one of the organisations where I did a consulting assignment for a short period. Seeing at few applicant's handwriting , I was annoyed and advised the hiring managers not to consider the profiles for Marketing job opening. The story goes like this. By seeing the handwriting , I came to know the candidate does not fit to be a marketing guy but can be good at administration. I advised the hiring manager to look at this profile for any other position but not for marketing. As the candidate has applied through an employee reference scheme, the Hiring manager said , we will take a chance and hire him. I left it to the hiring manager as he was insisting to hire this guy. Its so happened that even after giving a 6 months vigorous training , the candidate proved to be dull in his field and exhibited enthusiasm in other areas.

So , if Graphology be used during the screening phase, it saves lot of our time , lot of money and lot of organisation's resources. Similarly, Graphology can be used in decision making phase also. It can tell you if the candidate is reliable or not. What are his motivations ? What are his strengths and Weakness ? How can the organisation get benefited with the applying candidate's profile?
 If need arises, the personality profiling can also be figured out by using the services of expert Graphologist.

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