Monday, August 9, 2010

12 Health Care tips for Recruiters

"Half of your life,  you work hard to earn your living and the other half of your life you spend the entire money to keep your health up". --- Sri Sri Ravishankar (Founder of Art of Living)

The above quote is true when it comes to health. We work so hard and we don't take care of our health during our initial days of career,  pleasing our bosses and the management. This leads to early realization that  we are out of our business by the age of 40. After that what ever we have earned , we will spend either for our up keeping of health or for family's health expenditures.
We recruiters normally have the following symptoms due to wear and tear of our body . Not maintaining it in good framework is our fault. The divine has given this body to us only to use it and preserve it in a proper spectrum. One of the goals of life is to keep good health and humor.

Lets discuss on some of the sufferings that recruiters go through and in the end,  I will let you know how to overcome the same. I am not a certified medical specialist to write an article on this subject but with my experience in this field , I can point out few of the glaring disorders.

1. Talking too much disorder ( with the peers and the candidates) : This normally happens as the recruiters talk a lot as it is a part of their profession. Almost 8 hours a day we talk either in office or at home . Talking softly over the phone or with the peers is good but over talking is always unhealthy.
2. Effect of mobile radiations: Radiation hazards : Using of excessive mobile gadgets will also cause many disorders in the brain cells and reproductive system .
3. Sitting posture : Improper sitting posture may cause spondylitis and Arthritis .
4. Eye Strain : If you continuously look at the monitor , your eyes will get strained and you will end up with some eye disorders.
5. Parties : We are used to frequent beer parties or any other parties in the neighborhood. Nothing wrong attending them. If we need to celebrate one's birthday or celebrate one's success , yes we need to have fun. But fun not at the cost of your stomach disorders. Remember when you attend your next party , eat limited,drink limited and see you avoid junk foods.
6. Over exposure to AC : This is a serious issue in most of the IT companies. By over exposing to AC , you are prone to have kidney diseases, dehydration and ageing issues.

Lets try to change our life style little bit and see the how our life rewards us . It will be in the same fashion.

Some of the general health tips that I would like to share are here :
1. Get up early in the morning and drink 1.5 litres of water in empty stomach . Water cleanses yor body system and keeps you fresh through out the day.
2. Atleast walk for 30 mins every day ( Brisk walk) .
3. Come back home and practice Surya Namskar , Yoga , Pranayams and Kriya ( a cleansing technique) . You may learn this from an experinced tutor. Practicing these Yoga techniques have been very helpful in coming out of mental depression and any other disorders arising from stress. Beleive me, it has helped millions across the world.
4. At office, be well in time and even before your peers step in , make a list of  ToDo  things for the day and plan it properly.
5. Before starting your day ,  spend 10 -15 minutes on your seat , relaxing by taking few deep breaths and releasing it . It is worth spending this time. The entire day you are stress free and will be able to take decisions and deal with people with ease and calmness.
6. In front of your computer , sit the way that is shown below.

Also the below figure explains in detail about the sitting posture.
7. Every one hour make it a point to move away from your desk and do some stretches . Your body needs it. Walk down to your colleague's place , or you can do some physical movements to keep your body engaged. It helps a lot.
8. Drink lots of water . Make sure , you drink atleast 3 - 4 litres of water every day .
9 . For your meal , avoid , junk or spicy foods. Prefer to have more greens in your meals. Fresh ones!
10. Avoid drinking tea or coffee as it is going to add more toxins to your body.
11. Take time off from your busy schedule and be silent for 3 - 4 days in an year. 7 days with yourself , ( mobile free , Laptop free)  is recommended. You should require this peace and calmness. See if you can give this . A smile to your self.
12. Expose to sunlight for few minutes during the day time to avoid ill effects of AC.

More to come in the next post ....

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