Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top 10 Recruiter Skills

In my last 1 decade career in recruitment and staffing , I have conducted interviews for quite a number of candidates . I have closely watched many of my team members interviewing the candidates too. What bothers me a lot is that the questions are thrown open to the candidate without any preparation. As a recruiter, I believe the following skills are mandatory .When I recruit some one for my team I ensure the candidate has at least 7 skills out of10 .Why 7 /10 is a must ? Recruiters represent the organisation , they are the brand ambassadors. So I feel , they should possess 7/10.
Let me figure out here what are the minimum skills I expect in a recruiter.

Sourcing skills : A recruiter is essentially known for sourcing right type of profiles for the right position. I expect the hit ratio should be not less than 80%. A recruiter is said to be efficient when he / she sources profiles which are exactly matching the requirement / JD. How efficient are you you ?
Communication skills : A recruiter is expected to communicate well with the candidate and it always needs to be two ways always . It means , listening skills are essential. Allow the candidates to talk more and you relax to listen patiently about themselves.
Planning skills: A recruiter should aim at making his / her work easier day by day by bringing in new improvements in his work area. This can happen only by planning his/her work every day and find what is that achieved and improved from yesterday. In simple words , Plan your work and work your plan". A to do list for the day , for the week and for the month may be prepared well in advance. Use Microsoft Outlook to assist you in planning your work.
Interviewing skills : I feel asking questions and listening to the answers should be in your DNA . Asking questions is an art. Put the right question to get the right answer. (We will cover this topic in a different blog. )

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