Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recruiters Meet Passive Job seekers using Web 2:0

Today , I will be discussing what is Web 2.0 and its impact on recruitment industry. I have been observing offlate  that there is surge of activities happening in the online recruitment arena. In my previous blogs , I had written about the search tools that I use to accomplish my goals. To share some more insights in to that , let me tell you why should we term Recruitment as RECRUITMENT 2.0 . Its quite interesting normally to interact with people , to know about them , to network with them for mutual benefits. Probably, networking with your friends are relatives is an age old phenomena. In the information era, it all started with sharing of information in the internet , then with Chat rooms , then with exchanging of emails , mailing list and now with professional network like Linkedin, social medias like Facebook , Twitter etc.

Some of the companies have started hiring recruitment research analyst , who will be monitoring the social medias, come out strategies helping the company to establish an online presence in hiring the right talent. We can call them Marketing professionals for Recruitment department.  Web 2.0 is interactive and it is in the evolving phase of WWW allowing greater creativity , innovative idea sharing and collaboration among the Internet users. 

Web 2.0 applications include: Video cast, Interactive CRMs, Social Networks, Podcasts, Blogs, Online, among others.Let's see the change in approach regarding the Recruitment strategy that most of the big companies are using. To name a few, Google, Microsoft, GE, Yahoo etc. These companies follow a Proactive approach instead of Reactive approach . I have seen recruiters networking with the resources whether they are juniors or seniors by varied means and tap them when the requirement to hire them is opened. These smart recruiters are very successful and in a way follow the Proactive approach of recruitment.

In one of the training programs , some one said, the definition of INSANITY . It is like this , doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. :) By this I mean , many of the recruiters follow this Insane approach to find talents. Why is that the recruiters don't approach in a proactive way ? Where is the gap ? When I pondered over this issue , I understood that the either the recruiter is not well informed about the modern trends or the Manager is not well informed. I personally believe that " If the king is well equipped so are his Subjects". ( Ancient Sanskrit proverb) .
Let's focus now more on some statistics related to the social media and recruitment.
Excerpts from 
Ariel Eckstein -  Managing director of Hiring Solutions - Linkedin says the recruitment industry is picking up and social media is part of their future plans. "When we talk to a lot of our recruitment industry clients they say that they have reduced their headcounts in 2008 and 2009 but are now hiring again.

This renewed confidence has been fuelled by news of companies such as Accenture stepping up their recruitment activities.
Accenture plans to recruit 50,000 employees, including telecom consultants, finance experts and software specialists. A massive 40% of them will be employed via social media.

LinkedIn's key stats:

  • 4 million UK members
  • 15 million European members
  • 25% of FTSE 100 companies hire through LinkedIn
  • 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn
  • 1 professional joins LinkedIn every second
  • 1 million professionals joining LinkedIn every 12 days
  • 1 billion people searched on LinkedIn last year
  • There are 500,000 LinkedIn groups.

This means you cannot ignore social media recruitment at all. !!!! :) 

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