Friday, September 3, 2010

How different is hiring in IT product development companies ? IT services Vs IT Product development

I had an opportunity to work with an IT product development company at Bangalore. The recruitment process and the interview processes were little different from IT services company hiring. Let's see the comparison between hiring mind set in IT product development companies and IT services company. It requires a different mindset altogether to hire for IT product development companies. We used to look for the following criteria before submitting the profile to the hiring managers. The following criteria were mapped on a scale of 10 and each profile was rated accordingly as per the merit.

Profile Screening check list

1. Qualification & Institution : The ideal candidate should have the requisite qualification and holds the degree from a reputed Engineering college or from a B-school as the case may be. Look for good grade may be more than 60% .
2. Project contribution : Do your candidate really worked on projects related to product development or similar environments ? Check for that. Go through every project entries in the CV and understand it and make notes if required.
3. Years of Experience : Make sure the relevant years of experience matches that with the JD. It is better to source profile of candidates having similar back ground or having exposure to related domains. In mid and senior level hirings , experience counts and look for the right keywords in the CV that matches with the JD.
4.Awards , rewards & recognition : Carefully look for awards , rewards and recognitions in the profile . Accordingly allot the ratings. Look for any type of innovation awards or patents. This will make your job easier. In any product development company , Innovation is the mantra.
5. Technical skills : If you are able to judge candidate whether he is hands on and technically savvy by glancing at the profile then you are a smart recruiter and this will make your job still easier.
7. Employment History : A consistent employment history talks about the stable nature of the candidate . Rate the profile accordingly.
8.  Reason for leaving the current job : Why is the candidate interested to leave the current employer ? You can make a confidential background verification check  by contacting someone in your personal or professional network.
9. Compensation : I am pretty sure , you will not forget to do this check . Compare with the budget and take a call on this.
10. Notice period : Yes this is also a routine check that you are expected to do. Rate the profile accordingly.

Hiring in IT services companies Vs IT product companies hiring:

Normally, hiring numbers are big, leading to mass hiring. There is a possibility of proactive hiring which leads to a situation where the resources are under utilized. Apart from the approved hiring, the numbers keep varying as the recruitment team needs to address attrition and other replacement activities in the organization. The recruitment team relies more on vendors as sometimes they look for contract resources to fill the gap. Techies frustration starts with the customer changing the software specs very often and results in more stress and less productivity. The hiring managers don't look for hands on experience with the senior level hirings. They expect them to be more focussed on delivery. Hiring activities happen across the organisation and the hires resources are pooled for project use later. In a IT services company , normally mass hiring happens based on the sales pipeline and generally it is not domain specific hiring. The operations and the professional service guys bend greater extent to satisfy the customer. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the mantra. Customer is the king.

On the other hand, IT product based companies look at planned hiring for the quarter and subsequently for the entire year. The hiring numbers, domain and technology is known in advance so it reduces lot of stress to the recruitment team. A well planned and well oiled team can reach the targets well within the timeline and the budget. IT product based companies stress more on product engineering , management and product marketing skills . They look for innovation and out of box thinking. Quality of hires are generally good and there is no compromise done in this aspect. Only 20% of the software solution is customizable in other words, the customer adapts to the developed product. Customer is not the king here. Innovation is the mantra.

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